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They followed the trend of the times, our official website in September 2014 new revision of the line, while increasing the 58 city local, Alibaba, Baidu the network promotion work, to our products and services radiation broader, let more and more people in to experience our high quality products at the same time to harvest a comfortable feelings.

1.Through the network, friends, hotline, business cooperation, such as the way in our network sales channels to understand the corresponding products

2.Mail, telephone, information, QQ, etc. want information interactive tools to contact our company.

3.We have a detailed understanding of customer needs and business requirements, and based on industry experience to the customer's intention to make a reasonable product recommendations.

4.If necessary, our company agreed with the customer to visit or send to visit, negotiate qualified site related matters.

5.Our company free to measure or accept service, make preliminary design.

6.Our company is free to design drawings and submit customer confirmation.

7.Drawings satisfaction after the order, if not satisfied with the redesign of the design drawings.

8.Customer orders, and agreed delivery, installation date and time. (* Note 1)

9.The production workshop preparation, production, quality inspection, good packaging to be shipped. (*Note 2)

10.Our company car person free delivery and installation. (*Note 3)

11.According to the requirements of customers, our company unloading, installation, customer acceptance, delivery confirmation sign.

12.Our company offers three years warranty, five year warranty, life-long maintenance of after-sales service

Note 1: in addition to long-term cooperation customers according to bilateral cooperation agreement money settlement, the customer in order need pay the full payment of 40% to 60% as a deposit (specific to the negotiation results shall prevail).

Note 2: in addition to the stability of long-term cooperation customers cooperation agreement by both parties for the payment, customers need in distribution before the closing, tail section (the client can be made to the quality of on-site inspection after packing and delivery), otherwise our reserves the right to not be shipped; due to tail did not lead to delay in delivery, is not affected by the order contract delivery constraints.

Note 3: outside Shenzhen, order less, in customer orders when negotiate distribution costs; if the customer by the self improve our Paju, increase transport costs.