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Our (Jiahong furniture, Jintai stores internal number for manufacturers 899#) have been settled in Jintai International Furniture City in recent ten years, the two sides have established a long-term friendly relations of cooperation. Store display products for our part of the product, is a public product, sales smooth. If the customer is in the vicinity of Buji, the quality of our products and processes need to be inspected, you can go to the store's office furniture area for physical inspection.

Its service process is carried out according to the internal process of the store, as follows:

1.Than the price, process, quality, choose suitable products
2.If there is a spot, direct purchase, by the store to provide distribution, installation services
3.If there is no spot or changes to the product, by the store related personnel to design a map, customers pay a deposit to the store
4.Supply chain store maintenance personnel to communicate with our company, issued orders
5.Our production according to the order, within the prescribed period to delivery to the store
6.Store delivery to customer and installation
7.Store to provide the corresponding after-sales service